Take A Look At How Virat Kohli Starts His Training Every Morning

Virat Kohli fitness

All sports persons take extra efforts to remain super fit as top fitness is the key to optimum performance on the field.

Talented Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is no exception. From the day one he has maintained a level of fitness which has made him one the best and fittest member of Team India Cricket team.

He works immensely hard on his fitness and has made many changes in his lifestyle to become the world’s best athlete.

Recently Virat Kohli posted an instagram video doing cardio workout wearing what something which looked like an elevation training mask.

High-altitude masks are believed to be great for conditioning since breathing at a higher altitude is more difficult. Basically, when the air is thinner, the body is forced to work harder which in turn increases the body’s ability to process oxygen and therefore increase its strength and endurace.