A Touch of Humanity By Manav Sewa Foundation & Indian Embassy, Manila

Prasanth Sampath Pandian


Influx Of Indian Students in the Philippines: 

In the Recent years, there has been an influx of Indian students in the Philippines, coming here to study Medicine or Dentistry. Many young & ambitious students stay away from home with big dreams & the Parents send their children with hopes to see them with degree in Medicine, Proud & Content!

Prasanth Sampath Pandian:

S.P. Prasanth, S/o.G. Sampath Pandian came to the Philippines with Bigger Dream. He was Studying at Lyceum North Western University, Dagupan. Unfortunately, he met with an accident and was hospitalized at MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL, Dagupan since March 11,2018.

He was treated for his head injury & he subsequently stayed unconscious for weeks. His lungs grew weaker & his shoulder bone was broken and was projecting out.

His mother hailed from India & stayed with him, hoping & Praying everyday that his condition shall improve. She was the only one taking care of him in the hospital. She had a hard time to surmount the Language barrier, as the only language she could speak was Tamil & Telugu. She faced difficulties in communicating with the hospital staff as she spoke no English. Subsequently Prasanth was discharged from the hospital to his mother’s care at home. She was assisted by a nurse to provide medical care to her son.

The Medical Expenses:

Meanwhile, the medical expenses were getting difficult for the mother as all her financial reserves were exhausted. When the plight of the mother was known to the Indian community & the Indian Embassy in Manila, they did this incredible thing to share her grief.

Manav Sewa Foundation & Indian Embassy:

Manav Sewa Foundation is a philanthropist organization initiated by Mr Jaikishan Chhatani. The Organization has till date done many noble tasks of helping people, both locals & Indians, in distress. They have helped in many areas like for providing subsidized health services like Dialysis & many more.

In Prasanth’s case the organization helped by providing financial assistance to meet the medical expenses & a step further, to ‘Airlift’ him to India for further treatment.

The Indian Government gave the financial assistance of 13,800 USD. The Indian Embassy was kind enough to provide moral support by visiting Prasanth & his mom and providing them comfort during this difficult time.

Prasanth Flies back to India:

Finally Prasanth gets ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate from his Doctors. He was advised to fly back to India, accompanied by a team of a Doctor & a Nurse to assist him until the case is taken by an Indian doctor back home.

On August 02,2019, Prasanth & his Mother traveled to India in Singapore Airlines accompanied by a medical team. The determination of Miss Renu Dargani, a known Travel agent in Manila, has been noteworthy. She pursued the Singapore Airlines & helped make proper arrangements for their travel.


Mr Santosh Kumar Mishra respresenting the Indian Embassy, Manila, was kind enough to accompany them & see them off at the Airport at their departure. A small team of Manav Sewa Foundation Volunteers also saw them off at the Airport.

Prayers For His Speedy Recovery:

Prasanth & His mother, after a long & difficult time of struggle headed back home.We wish Prasanth a very speedy recovery & a happy union with his family back home. May he achieves the big dreams he dreamt & enjoy good health, Amen.

Kudos to the efforts of Manav Sewa Organization. The generous volunteers of this Philanthropist group never shy away from helping people. More power & God Bless…

The Indian Embassy has won the hearts & the confidence of the Indian diaspora by helping Prasanth & his family to get through this difficult situation & helping them to safely travel back home. More Power!