Ms. India Roshmita Gracefully Handles Flirting Filipino Tycoon Tonyboy Conjuangco


Filipina actress Gretchen Barreto posted a some videos on Instagram from the Miss Universe 2016 Governor’s Ball.

In one of the videos she is teasing her long-time partner business tycoon Tonyboy Conjuangco of flirting with Miss India Roshmita Harimurthy.

But Roshmita handled herself with much grace and composure when she was seated in a table next to Tonyboy Cojuangco, while Gretchen Barretto was seated across the table.

The video started with Gretchen saying that her dada (Tonyboy) was very happy because he was seated beside Miss India.

Gretchen told Roshmita “I’m his wife. But you’re very beautiful. I’m teasing him. I said tonight I’m gonna sing on my own, be alone. Hay naku,”

To this Roshmita promply told Tonyboy: “You have a beautiful wife.”