Life Of An Indian Medical Student In The Philippines

Students of Cagayan State University

Students of Cagayan State University

Last few years, there is abrupt flow of students from India to Philippines for pursuing there career, mostly in the field of medicine and pilot training. Affordable fees, hospitality of Filipino peoples, no language barrier, conducive atmosphere etc. attracts students to this incredible part of Asia. Staying far from our homeland takes huge efforts and sacrifices.

Same applies here too.

Students taking BS(Graduation) course here find it very easy while medicine is a hard nut to crack. In BS(graduation) graduation course, we find it very easy because we take already those things in India in our senior secondary(10+2) so we are free to enjoy few more days of life so freely ,before medicine. Exposure to MD(core medicine) is a real fight which requires our smart effort, dedication and true passion to the field. We must stick to our course in order to bring the dream come true and serve our nation after we finish our course right on time.


There  is no capitation fees to get admissions in Philippines like in other countries including many medical colleges in India.

Tuition fees are affordable even in private colleges. There is no language problem because most of the Filipinos can speak and understand English unlike other countries. We can get Indian foods now but in the past few years it was kind of difficult stuff. Still some vegetarian students face problems for veg foods in some part of Philippines. It is advised to student to carry spices and snacks from India while going here. Some parts are really hot and it’s hard to cope up the weather conditions. Roads are good here but too much single motor vehicles accident occurs. Markets are closed so early unlike in India. The country is too much open in terms of drinking ,smoking, gambling and sex. It follows American curriculum in studies so it’s an added advantage to peoples who wants to work in states.


Respect all peoples and give them the same form of respect to everyone .Maintain cleanliness everywhere. Rude peoples don’t have any space in this country.  Don’t make noise in school premises. Try to learn tagalog(native language of Philippines). Don’t roam around alone in night. Don’t mess with local peoples. Before or after lending money for help or for paying bills, get receipts. Attend regular classes, one of the most important requirements in the schools to be noted. It’s more fun in the Philippines but we need to be extra careful in every aspects of our life here.


They teach us the same things but we miss the pattern and the way it’s taught in India. In India we follow British curriculum while they focus on US based curriculum. In India they focus on ward duties in hospitals from the first year itself while here they start late. Here the passing % of our subjects(75%) is much higher unlike in India. Private colleges here are still cheaper unlike in India. Also no capitation for admissions. Some colleges are really strict here, students should think twice before enrolling into any colleges .students should be aware of exams like NMAT before coming to philippines ,i.e. requirement for admission to core medicine(MD)Some schools are really good with there services and education is at par. Still medicine in India is incomparable to any other countries in the world. If a student gets chance to study in India, he/she must not go to any other countries in the world.

Overall  Philippines is a nice destination to count on. Its more fun in the Philippines.

Goodluck to all foreign students in Philippines. Godbless.