5 Indian Chefs Who Have Put India On The Global Culinary Map


Indian food has its own legacy. Known for ages for its spices and flavors, Indian food stand out and has appeased the taste buds of many all over the world. India is a very big country with different cultures and thus theres a range of different recipes from the simple staple food to the most exotic mouth watering preparations.

The technology has made it possible for all the global citizens to access and learn and try these recipes at home with the necessary ingredients. These are the most popular Indian chefs who have succeeded in making the Indian food more popular globally.

  1. Celebrity Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor: Indeed the most popular and everyone’s favorite, Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the best recognized faces in the Indian culinary world. His show ‘Khana Khazana’ is one of the longest-running cookery shows in Asia with no recipes repeated. He recently broke the world record for the world’s largest imarti and jalebi (Indian sweetmeats). you can learn every Indian recipe from his website www.khanakhazana.com or his Facebook page. Its worth it! sanjeev kapoor
  2. Tarla Dalal: The housewife turned chef, Tarla Dalal is a legendary name recognized across most Indian kitchens, even after her demise in 2013. She published her first cookbook in 1974, ‘The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking’. Specializing in Gujarati cuisine, and healthy cooking, she has produced over 100 cookbooks. Check her recipes in her website www.tarladalal.com Tarla-Dalal
  3. Vikas Khanna: The award-winning Michelin star chef boasts humble beginnings: he started his culinary journey in his grandmother’s kitchen in Amritsar. Khanna has worked with some of the best chefs around the world, including Gordon Ramsey, and Bobby Flay. Based in New York where he runs his popular restaurant, Junoon, Khanna has also hosted a dinner for US President Barack Obama. In 2011, he was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine. He Founded “Cooking for Life”  in 2001 in New York with the world’s top chefs. In years the foundations has supported relief efforts around the world including 9/11, Tsunami Relief, Hurricanes of the Gulf Coast, South Asian Earth Quakes, Darfur, and Haiti. Vision of Palate is his award-winning workshop developed to educate people with visual disabilities about the sense of taste, flavor and aromas. vikas khanna
  4. Sanjay Thumma: Popularly known as Vah-chef, sanjay Thumma is an Indian chef and founder of the cooking website, vahrehvah.com. He is especially popular among the Indian expatriate communities in mainland Europe, Australia and North America. He became known for his on-line recipe channel on YouTube in 2006 and became popular among the beginners.sanjay thumma
  5. Ranveer Brar: Known as India’s most stylish chef, this Punjabi lad’s first experience with cooking was at a Gurudwara’s langar at the age of six. When fairly young, he was inspired by the local kebab vendors in Lucknow to pursue his love of food, and was also a volunteer apprentice to one of them. He was also one of the judges for season four of MasterChef India, alongside fellow chefs Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna.ranveer brar