India celebrate 71st Independence Day

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INDIA celebrates its 71st Independace day today 15th august 2017 to commemorate the birth of a free and democratic nation.15th august 1947 is the historic day that marks India’s freedom from the strange-hold of the British rule.


The oldest medical and surgical encyclopedia to mankind.

The first ones to acknowledge the existence of the solar system-rig veda 1.164.13//1.35.9

MAHABHARATHA mentions the concept of cloning, test tube babies and surrogate mothers.

Hanuman Chalisa precisely calculates between the earth and the sun.

Indian Vedas figure out the gravity before the west did.

Aryabhatta deduced the value of the pi.

Acharya kanad was the founder of atomic theory{600 bce}.

Acharya charak has been crowned father of medicine, encyclopedia of Ayurveda.

Likewise Acharya sushrut- father of plastic surgery, Vrahamihir-eminent astrologer, Ac. Patanjali-father of yoga and so on were the gems of India.

The vastness of Islamic architechteral heritages in india really unbelievable.

Taj mahal- depicting true love, one of the 7 wonders in the world.


India now and forever-

India is one of the most emerging nation on global front these days and a growing and leading superpower in the world chasing every fields neck to neck and leading in most fields. On the other hand contributing many countries by providing them there basic needs.

The facts and figures show the advancement of Indians in any fields where Indians are leading. In USA, Indians hold the top spot for professions like doctors, scientists and many of the top corporations are run by Indian CEOs.

India is at par in science and technology and possess abundant resource and power. We have done so many things already and left many things behind. Like India has the largest recycling system of waste materials. It’s the birthplace of 4 major religions in the world, MOST FOR ONE SINGLE COUNTRY. World’s largest independent democratic elections are held in India with 815 million total registered voters as of 2014. India has the most economical and successful space program in the world with least failure rates and its MARS MISSION was a success in its first attempt. India is world’s largest importer of Defence equipment. Indian hockey team is the most sucessful Olympics team in the sport. Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world producing more movies than any other industries . India is second most populous country with 1.25 billion population with the oldest Indus valley civilization. So many things are still to be kept in mind to protect us and live freely in order to pay the tribute to our great freedom fighters.

Great salute to all Indian army, navy, air forces and all those who are protecting us without any fear of losing there life. Thanks to Indian scientists and other countries who are helping us build such a superpower in all fields.

Rarely any countries show there try to show eyes to India because they know the real emerging India. Despite possessing nuclear weapons, most powerful arms and Amunitions ,missiles, tanks, war crafts or everything, INDIA never hurts any other countries. It’s developing sense of brotherhood to everyone. This is country you can trust on and live within the vastest diversity.

India is increasing bilateral ties nowadays with most of the countries. India wants to combat terrorism too like any other countries. Recently to show support on MARAWI issue , an aid of 25 million pesos was made by Indian govt. to Philippines. Soon more tie-ups are coming in other fields even our educational field. Since Philippines is our second home, we are looking forward for the best. Few pages are not enough to summarize India, this is just a trailer on our special eve.

We, the Indian citizens , should take oath on this very special occasion to protect our country, Countrymen and its heritage and culture by developing a sense of love and brotherhood and never suppress minors, no matter wherever we stay in any corner of the world. Spread love not war.