Fun Things Indians Do On Holi Festival


“Bura na maano Holi Hai”! You will hear this slogan everywhere during the Holi festival.

Well, this literally translates to, “Don’t mind, Have Fun coz its Holi”!

Thus the amazing festival of colors is all about having fun, resolving the differences and burying the hatchet

The Fun element:

During Holi, people are in high spirits with fun all around and so they indulge in many of such activities….

  • Getting smeared in bright colors and dancing to their heart’s content …

  • Making funny moves and amusing people with their actions…

 fun facts about Holi

  • Getting “High” with the shot of Bhaang and speaking out their secret feelings…

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  • Thinking they are at par with the best musicians…

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  • Beating the drums like there’s No Tomorrow…

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  • Openly flirting with their Crush…

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  • Splashing water on their loved ones..

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  • Getting Naughty…Image result for gif pichkari holi* Indulging in the Holi Specialities Gujiya, Jalebi and Gewar

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  • Rain dancing…

Image result for Holi gif* Enjoying Hasya Kavi Sammelan or Native Sattirical Stand up Comedy..

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  • Last but not the Least seeking blessings of their Elders…

The festival of Holi has been the striking feature of our Bollywood too. We all have our favorite Holi songs and playing them surely makes us feel nostalgic! we invariably indulge in our Holi favorites during this time of the year.

Here you go….

Most Popular Bollywood Holi Songs Of All Time

                                      HAPPY HOLI