Looking To Start A Business in Philippines ? GA2 Pharmacy Has The Answer

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There is a monumental difference between wanting to do something and being able to make a living at doing that something. Many of us go through a phase in where we get caught up with entrepreneurs bug. May it be professional in their mid career path. OFW’s family business households want to engage their new generation as well as retirees. In short, all those who have reasonable financial back up ,value their independence and prefer to be their own boss.

Start your own pharmacy business for less than 1M

Despite having the capacities to invest own money, time and effort, the synonymous question for all budding entrepreneurs is “What business to start?”

Pharmaceutical is one of the sure shot business sectors in the Philippines with consistent positive outlook and year on almost double digit growth estimates.

Secret of flourishing pharma sector is due to the rising needs of the people for medical relief or cure. Especially in the Philippines medicine needs arise not only from multiple types of diseases but also number of natural calamities.

Retail Pharmacy is the best suited business with low entry barriers for small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Especially with the new age pharmacy franchising concept of generics pharmacies. Capital requirement is much lesser for Generic pharmacy stores in comparison with comprehensive drug stores since generic medicines are very much cheaper than their counter parts. In retail trade, generic medicines command a minimum of 80-100% profit where branded gives not more than 10%. You can own a Generic Pharmacy Business with an investment of P650,000 to P1,300,000 depending on the Brand of the franchisor you go with.

Ga2 pharmacy started its operation in 2012 and as of February 2017, it will be operating 40 outlets in and around Metro Manila.

We take pride in disclosing that out of the entire new age generic franchising companies, We at GA2 Pharmacy have the largest range of products; we cater not only generic but wide range of branded medicines, OTC line brand pharma products, non essential pharma cosmetics, medical and disposible supplies, wide range of formula milk products and others. In short we provide wider option for the customers to choose from. It helps to generate bigger revenues for the store and healthy profit for the store owners.

Over the years, we have fine tuned all the aspects of the pharmacy operations to deliver efficient performance with standard operating procedures. We pay individual and intensive attention to each of the outlet’s business affairs. Entire operations have the strong back up from our customized software system with point of sales in every outlet.

We take care of every franchisee from the signing of the contract to the day in and out of the operations of the store. Our franchisee investment layout ranges from 850,000 to 1,200,000 depends on the area and range of products you want to have. We could help you finding location, staff and we have locations available in and around the city. It’s our commitment to serve our franchisees in best possible way so that their investment could deliver healthy profit.

We will be more than happy to entertain your Inquiries about FRANCHISING OF GA2 PHARMACY or get to know more about ga2 pharmacy .

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