This Filipina Girl Runs $75k A Month Business While Travelling The World


This is a tale that might inspire you to just quit your day job and set out on world tour.

This is the story of Aileen Adalid, a 24 year old filipino girl who started working at Deutsche Bank after graduating from De La Salle University in Manila.

Image source: Aileen Adalid instagram

At 21, Adalid quit her entry-level job which paid just $300 per month — to transition to a life of perpetual travel.

For the next one year, she worked as a freelancer in graphic design, web design, SEO management, and online marketing, jobs where she made more than her past salary. The best part: The flexibility enabled her to travel frequently to places like France and Thailand.

Soon Adalid ventured into online business with a friend called Adalid Gear and moved to Belgium.

She also runs her I Am Aileen travel and lifestyle blog, which has thousands of followers on instagram and facebook.

image source: Aileen Adalid instagram

Adalid now earns about $5,000 a month from the business and affiliate partnerships, sponsored posts and collaborations with tourism related perks which often score free travel and accomodations.

Adalid has again made Philippines her base and her next stop is Spain as her home base. She aims to grow her business and travel to every place on earth.