Fil-Indian Ajay Khatri: Model, athlete and student rolled into one


The Philippines is a country known for world-class sports figures like boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, kegler Paeng Nepomuceno, runner Lydia De Vega, the magician Efren “Bata” Reyes, and Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire.

These athletes are products of hard work and training that they developed when they were still young. Such is the case of this upcoming basketball star from Enderun College. The bright lights of stardom may also be knocking at the doorsteps of this young lad from Paranaque City, but his down-to-earth personality is what really sets Ajay apart from others.


Born Ajay Sta. Teresa Khatri on April 16, 1997, in Pasay City to Kumar Khatri and Estela Khatri, this 6-foot-1 Filipino-Indian college student athlete played as small forward/power forward for the Far Eastern University Baby Tamaraws. He is currently playing for the Enderun College Titans. Aside from being a student-athlete, he is also fond of modeling.

He was also invited to be one of the guests in the morning show Good Morning Boss! on PTV 4. He is currently with Virtual Playground modeling agency and has done some television commercials including Sky Broadband. Recently, he was also interviewed in Eagle Broadcasting Net 25 for the show ASEAN in Focus to encourage Indian students to come to the Philippines and learn nursing, pilot and other courses. Being a Filipino-Indian and a good role model for the youth, indeed he was he right candidate for such an interview.


In the hard court, he registered his career high of 35 points in the PSAP basketball tournament. His pre-game rituals include listening to music and focusing on his games. If given the chance to play one-on-one with an NBA player, he would choose Kyrie Irving of Cleveland Cavaliers because he likes Kyrie’s basketball skills and toughness on the court.

His favorite shot includes fake spin and jump shot. Aside from basketball, Ajay is also into swimming, a sport that requires good physique and healthy living. His favorite movie is ‘Coach Carter’ while when it comes to music, he prefers pop sounds. He usually eats protein, less on carbohydrates diet and whole body exercise to stay fit and healthy in playing a physical game such as basketball.


“I learned to play the game the hard way. I got teased a lot because they told me that I was too small and skinny, I might get hurt. So I practiced every night until I got the chance to showcase my skills in small leagues”. Asked how he manages to balance his game and studies, “I prioritize my schedule and organize it carefully to attend classes even though I have practice”, quipped the beaming cager from Enderun. He starts his basketball practice as early as 7am then he attends his classes for IT.

He takes a lot of interest in computers to learn more about programming. His favorite NBA star is Kyrie Irving of Cleveland Cavaliers. His ambition in life is to be a successful PBA star in the near future. “My speed and shooting are my strengths while I think I still need to develop my physical game and play with more toughness in the court. My goal is simple. I’ll just give 100% and hope for the best”, added Ajay. His goal in life is to be a great basketball player and good human being.

Ajay Khatri

With unmatched perseverance and the will to excel in every game that he is in, Ajay can be in the same room as the players in the PBA dug out when it comes to discussion of the best players in the league. That will be in the near future but for the time being, determination and faith in God is his armor in each battle he is at.

Reproduced with permission from Paolo Manuel Fule