Looking For Vegetarian / Eggless Cakes in Manila ?

Birthday Cake with Candles

Cake cutting is an integral part of many celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, welcoming or even seeing our loved ones off, almost all ceremonies call for a well baked cake with proper dedication and delicious taste. As Indians, we are sometimes limited to look for eggless cakes if its for prayer purpose, or a vegetarian celebrant or for some religious reasons and we frantically start looking for the sources to get a nice vegetarian cake.

Here are some places you can get the desired vegetarian eggless cakes:

Anjoy’s Homebakes, kareena Ramchand:

Ms Kareena Ramchand caters to a wide range of vegetarian cakes with different flavours like Chocolate, Pistachio, Lemon, Red Velvette, Pineapple etc. To avail the delicious, custom made cakes with dedication, characters or Fondant you can pm her 2 days in advance at anjoyhomebakes facebook page or text message her. Their best sellers are their Eggless Black Forest and Eggless Red Velvet cake.

Their 8 “cake regular is 800 pesos and premium cakes costs   around 1,000 pesos depending on the type of cake. They deliver with an extra charge or you can have the cake picked up.

 Phone number: 09175289060
 Facebook page: anjoyhomebakes

Kareena Ramchand - Eggless cakes Manila


Kajal Nebhwani, Sweet Cravings:

Ms Kajal Nebhwani specializes in eggless baking products like cakes, cookies, cupcakes and chocolates. Her cakes are 100% eggless, with delicious icing and dedication, made to order if requested 2 days in advance. Her best seller cakes are Pineapple and Black Forest. She also makes alcohol free, eggless fruit cakes, a good news for the vegetarians this coming Christmas season.

Eggless cakes in manila

You can call her, message her or pm her on her facebook page to place an order for sumptuous, eggless cakes, chocolates and cookies.

Phone number: 09178168229
Facebook page: Sweet cravings


Aanchal Malik, Cravings:

Ms Malik specializes in making eggless chocolate cakes and chocolates and conducts training classes for the same. You can avail her delicious made to order cake by prior request by messaging her on her facebook page.

Aanchal Malik - Eggless Cakes in Manila

Facebook: aanchal Malik

  • Park Avenue Desserts: Located in the convenient locations of Magallanes and Ayala Rustan’s, Park Avenue Desserts offer a choice of 2 delicious eggless cakes viz Mango Crunch and Chocolate Temptations. The request for the eggless cakes need to be place 2 days in advance. They have all sizes round cakes available in 6″ , 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″. They are priced as follows:
  • 6″ for 680 pesos
  • 8″ for 1,300 pesos
  • 10″ for 1500 pesos
  • 12″ for 1,800 pesos and
  • 14″ for 2,500 pesos.

Eggless Cakes in Manila

Eggless Cakes Manila

They also deliver for extra delivery charges depending on the location.

Corner Tree Cafe:

One of the best places for a vegan meal, they also offer 4 types of vegan cakes so essentially eggless. Their vegan cakes are Carrot cake priced at 1,440 pesos, Chocolate cake for 1,440 pesos, Mocha cheese cake for 2,400 pesos and their best seller Apple pie at 2,240 pesos. They deliver through Zomato with an extra delivery charge upon request one day in advance.

Eggless Carrot Cakes in manila

Address: 150 Jupiter Street | Bel-Air Village, Makati.
Phone number: 897-0295
Delivery through Zomato: 2121212

Kitchen Revolution’s Chocolate Cake: 

Kitchen Revolution’s Chocolate Cake at the Kismet Café at the corner of Burgos and Kalayaan Avenue in Makati.

Eggless Chocolate cakes in Manila

Phone number:
Facebook Page: KitchenRevolution



Another vegan cake popular for its delicious 8″ chocolate sponge cake priced at 1,200 pesos. To place an order you need to call then one day in advance.

pipino eggless Cakes Manila

Phone number: 441-1773

Delivery number through Zomato: 2121212
Address: Pipino Vegetarian Food by Pino
39 Malingap St.

Teachers Village, Quezon City

We were able to include as many vegetarian eggless cake bakers in town as possible, there may be many more and we welcome information, suggestions and want to include even more such entries in our list. we welcome your suggestions in our comments.

Have a Sweet and blessed Festive season.