Cultural Programme For Diwali ‘ Des in Pardes’ 🇮🇳

Realistic, Illuminated Oil Lamps on shiny bokeh background for Indian Festival of Diwali celebration.

‘Des in Pardes’ Diwali Away From Home:

No matter in what part of the world we live in, the enthusiasm is always at it’s peak during Diwali. Nevertheless, Indian diaspora abroad never fails to celebrate Diwali with pomp every year in the form of various cultural activities.   Here in Manila, the Indian community organizes an exciting Diwali bash every year. This year, in addition to the already accomplished Diwali functions by various groups, there’s one Diwali function organized specially taking into account the millennial kids, most of  them born and been raised here in Manila. This function aims to expose these kids to the strong culture of our great nation. The main organizer of this event, Mrs Saini, herself being a hands-on grand parent encourages different groups of children from the community to come forward and contribute to this event. She strongly urges the parents to motivate their kids to come forward and present their performances in groups.

Details of the event:

Event: Des in Parses, Diwali Celebration 🎉🎊 Date: November 23, 2019 Venue: University of Makati auditorium Timing: 5 pm to 7 pm Tickets Priced at Php 200 and Php 50 for parking (arranged by the University) Available seats- 300 only (Please book to the earliest) Contact Person: Mrs Saini Contact Number: 09175132076 We hope to see maximum participation in the form of group dances, folk dances, music, skits etc. The essence of the festival is family bonding, thus, we encourage also mom’s and papas to participate in the event groups and motivate their kids to perform at the same time.


No occasion is complete without our tasty bites and refreshments. To add an Indian tadka to this event, there is a variety of cuisine to indulge there or to be packed as take-out snack.The food stalls outside the auditorium cater sumptuous snacks. These are the joints that have their food stalls at the venue:

  1. Tasty Bites
  2. Shreeji food
  3. Momos & More
  4. The Batter House.

We wish one and all a very Happy Diwali!