Indian Cultural Fiesta In Manila, Philippines


Indian Cultural Fiesta In Manila on March 19, 2017

India is a land of cultural diversity. Its culture is uniquely depicted by its varied art forms, mainly dance and music.

Indian Classical Music & Dance forms:

Music is definitely one of the most beautiful ways of self-expression. Indian classical music has gained quite a popularity all over the globe. Moreover, our many artistes were since ages globally recognized and felicitated. The same goes true for the classical dance forms. Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi are just few names of the varied dance forms in India.

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Indian Classical Dance Form

Cultural Fiesta:

We have always spoken about the Philippines, as our home away from home. Furthermore, Indian families are always trying to expose their kids to their traditions. Indians carry their cultural values in their backpacks wherever they go. Thus, the parents always make conscious efforts to have their kids absorb their cultural values too. Nevertheless, the Indian community of the Philippines strives hard to organize events showcasing their culture.

In the same light, small group of Indian enthusiasts led by an enthusiastic grandmom, Mrs Shashi Bala Saini, took initiative to organize a’Cultural Fiesta’. It is scheduled on March 19,2017 in Makati.

Here are the details of the program:

Cultural Fiesta
  • It is a cultural event for encouraging the Indian society for stage performances in the foreign land.
  • Most of the participants are ladies, basically mommies and their kids. However, Mrs Saini aspired to involve both the parents to participate in the stage show . She makes conscious efforts to make this event an ultimate family-bonding experience.
  • The program is a combination of prayer, songs, Bollywood and contemporary music and classical dance forms.
  • This event provides an amazing platform to our kids who are growing away from their native lands to be involved in our traditional art forms.
  • The event is open for all audience with an entrance fee of Php 200.
  • The venue for the event is: University of Makati, Auditorium, Ground Floor,, J.P.Rizal ext, Makati 1215, Metro manila.
  • Interested people can make reservations ahead of the event and also reserve the parking space for an additional payment of 50 pesos per car. For more inquiries you can reach out to the organizers at 0917 513 2076.
  • The program is scheduled on Sunday considering everyone’s convenience. So, please be there with your family to inspire and encourage kids to carry forward their rich culture and continue the amazing legacy of Unity in diversity of their nation.

You can also indulge in packed Indian food available at the venue. Hope to see you all there for more fun and a wonderful evening.

ManilaIndian congratulates all the organizers and the participants for coming up with this idea and wishes them success in their efforts.