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home design agus hartato asked 1 year ago

Why are architectural home design services expensive? because building a house requires careful preparation, want to think about it yourself? Not only financial problems, but also the desired home model. Therefore, never say why the services of an architect are expensive if you want to get a residence with the best and comfortable design. The use of the services of an architect to build a house is nothing new. Architects work in more detail and according to plan. Indeed the money you spend feels very large to pay the commission. However, if calculated again, the services of an architect can actually save more costs. Each architectural service provider charges a varying fee. Some offer affordable prices. But there are also those who dare to give high prices. It all depends on your experience and portfolio. How to calculate the cost of an architect is generally divided into two. That is according to the percentage and area per square meter. The stipulation of the architect services commission refers to the regulations made by the Indonesian Architects Association or IAI for short.