Bharati Women’s Association, Connecting Indian Expats In Manila


There has been an increasing number of Indians migrating to the Philippines and there is already an existing Indian Population for over 5 decades residing in the Philippines. And as the common saying goes “You can take an Indian out of India, but you cannot take India out of an Indian” so can be seen in the form of various local and expat clubs where Indians gather and indulge in various cultural activities.


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One such group is ‘The Bharati Indian Womens’ Association Manila’. Formed about 30 years ago as a Charitable institute, Bharati women’s association is now registered with the Embassy of India in Manila.

Bharati has diverse population of members, from women who come to live in Manila on short term assignments to old timers residing here for decades.

  • The Club has a modest budget for the year-long activities that includes Lunch meetings of the members as well us celebrating the National and cultural events like Independence Day, Diwali, Valentine’s Day etc.
  • The most popular event its known for is the Diwali Ball which is organized around Diwali and is open to non – members as well.
  • The Club provides an excellent platform to harness your talents, meet the expats and participate in various activities in a cosmopolitan environment.
  • The club also invites Indian guests like awardees, TV celebrities, religious gurus, experts on various topics to share their knowledge with the masses.
  • The members in the past were privileged to meet the then President Mr Abdul Kalam, Shehnaz Hussain (renowned beautician), Ramon Magsaysay awardees of Indian origin, TV personalities etc at different occasions.
  • The club continuously thrives to indulge in productive and philanthropist activities like donations to the Old-age homes, school of the Blind,feeding the street children etc.
  • The members of the club are multi talented, gifted individuals with expertise in art, dance, vocals, theater etc.who generously organize charity shows for the less fortunate ones.(An example of such a philanthropist is Miss Roma Pradhan, a talented singer, who always organizes a Musical Soiree, and the proceeds are often generously used in charitable activities)

Enjoy your stay in Manila and spend some bonding with fellow Indians from different walks of life, and have more Fun in the Philippines!